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1987 Professional World Championships by Werner Möller

In the last of the trilogy of photos from Werner Möller from the 1987 World Championships in Villach, Austria, here are the showcase photos of the Professional Road Race. In 1987, Ireland’s Stephen Roche won the World Championships in a beautiful finish, with Moreno Argentin of Italy in 2nd and Juan Fernandez Martin of Spain holding 3rd place.

Please enjoy the high quality photos from our photographer historian extraordinaire, Werner Möller. Also, take some time to view the archive video of this race below to see the dramatic race.



1987 Amateur World Championships by Werner Möller

Held in Villach, Austria, this is the second in a series of three galleries from the 1987 World Championship. In this series from Ciclismo Passion’s esteemed cycling photographer, Werner Möller, this series of photos showcases the Amateur Road Race.

Richard Vivien of France won, with Hartmut Bölts of West Germany and Alex Pedersen of Denmark taking 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Werner has even captured the results from the Amateur Road Race in the photos below!


1987 UCI Road World Championships TTT by Werner Möller

Werner Möller shares with us, from his private photo collection,  the Team Time Trials from the 1987 World Championships, held in Villach, Austria. For the TTT, Italy took Gold, the Soviet Union took Silver, and Austria took Bronze. In the Women’s Team Time Trial, Soviet Union held Gold, United States got silver and Italy received bronze.

Scroll all the way to the end to see the Team Time Trial results.



1983 Professional World Championships

1983 was a historic year in the Professional World Championships. Bringing you another spectacular photo gallery, Werner Möller captured the first American to win the historic race: young Greg LeMond. Held in Altenrhein, Switzerland, Werner remembers the haunting silence of the tifosi (Italian fans) as Greg LeMond from the USA crossed the line alone. The Italian team, Squadra Azzurra had done everything right throughout the race, and the Italian fans were shocked into silence. LeMond also won the Tour de France three times in his career.



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