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Video of the Week

Eddy Merckx – La Course en Tete (1974)

This outstanding film follows Belgian cycling star Eddy Merckx at the peak of his career through Europe’s best races. Recommended for the serious cyclist. A glorious study of a rider who dominated an entire cycling generation… A must-see for cyclists of all ages.

Video of the Week

60 Cycles

(English) This short documentary follows the 11th St-Laurent long-distance bicycle race held in Quebec in the summer of 1965. There, participants from 13 countries covered 2 400 km of Gaspé countryside in 12 days–a course longer than those of Italy, Belgium or Spain. With the curving landscape of this most picturesque province as backdrop, you see here a sports event where the challenge seems more personal than competitive.

Feature Video

The Legendary Lightness – World Full Of You (Official Videoclip)

This video beautifully captures the feats of track cyclists, and their close relationship with the pacer cycle. This is a music video by The Legendary Lightness, providing an artistic look into track racing.


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