On the heels of the Amateur World Championship photos from our revered Werner Möller, here are stunning photos of the Pro World Championship 1975 in Yvoir, Belgium. Werner tells us that he has three great memories of the event. First, the fantastic Belgian supporters. Their energy was palpable. Second, after falling during the race and losing time, the completely pumped out Eddy Merckx when he reached the peloton again using his teammate Bruyere to catapult to the finish line. Hennie Kuiper won the race that day, with Roger De Vlaeminck getting the silver. But the greatest thing was this: on the eve of the event, it was a wonderfully fresh asphalt road to the finish line. Rain fell during the night, and all the people came across the fields to the route. The road was totally dirty. When it dried, it was a grueling ride against the elements in a cloud of dust. We hope these photos help recapture this amazing race. Enjoy!